Avionic upgrade: IFE, ADS-B and wi-fi

Airline Support Baltic provides services of avionics modernization, making the aircraft cabin comfortable for passengers and staff. Our task is to manage the interior space of the cabin, taking into account all safety and convenience requirements in order to create a pleasant atmosphere during the flight.

In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE)

In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE) is a complex of modern entertainment available to passengers onboard the aircraft. This system is designed to provide maximum security, software reliability, ease of maintenance and use. Among the types of in-flight entertainment, there are:

  • Moving map systems. Display information about the position of the aircraft in real-time. In addition, the following indicators can be reproduced: flight speed, the distance between points of departure and destination, air temperature and others.
  • Audio entertainment. Allows listening to music, news, audiobooks, etc.
  • The system allows watching movies, TV series and cartoons during the flight on individual touch screens.
  • Games. One of the most common onboard entertainment types for children and adults, games can help get distracted during the flight.

On-flight connectivity, wi-fi

On-flight connectivity and wi-fi are the most demanded services. We are implementing wi-fi systems that allow passengers to connect to the Internet during the flight from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Internet connection on board will enable you to send and receive emails, messages, listen to audio files, watch videos, chat on social networks and use the Internet at your usual speed during the flight.

ADS-B modifications

Airline Support Baltic offers services for implementing modern ADS-B modification, which allows tracking the position of the aircraft with great accuracy.

Using ”ADS-B Out”, each aircraft regularly transmits information about itself - the current position, altitude, speed, through the onboard transmitter, and the pilot can see the information about the movement of the aircraft in his environment. The ADS-B modification also provides real-time weather information to pilots.

The advantages mentioned above of modification significantly increase flight safety, and the cost of the ADS-B modification is much cheaper than the alternative radar systems.


CPDLC modification (Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications) is used for data transmission between the controller and the pilot. This modification also improves flight safety and reduces the workload of the controller.


LPV modification (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) allows determining the exact height and position during the landing approach. We use Garmin and Rockwell Collins receivers for LPV.

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We offer all the possibilities for updating aircraft avionics

Our specialists are ready to carry out other modifications of the aircraft at the request of the customer.

We use efficient and modern solutions for maximum comfort and safety during air flights.

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