Inspections, expert opinions

Airline Support Baltic provides pre-purchase aircraft inspection services. Extensive work experience allows us to conduct inspections taking into account the characteristics of a particular aircraft. As a result of a comprehensive inspection, we generate a detailed report with comments and recommendations. Our reports can be used by investors to make aircraft purchase decisions.

Specifics of aircraft pre-purchase inspection

Before purchasing an aircraft, it is necessary to carefully check the technical documentation and the compliance of the aircraft with the described indicators. We determine compliance with the European standards and assess the cost of the transaction.

We help our customers to carry out the purchase and acceptance of the aircraft, accompanying them at all stages of the transaction. We provide the following services:
  • complete analysis of technical documentation of the transport vehicle;
  • performance of physical examination of the aircraft and the engine;
  • assessment of the aircraft repair and modification;
  • determination of factors inconsistent with technical documentation;
  • coordination with all parties involved;
  • assistance in the transfer of the air transport.

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