CAMO Aircraft Maintenance

CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) is the highest standard for aircraft airworthiness maintenance. There is nothing more important than the safety of all serviced aircraft, and we provide all continued airworthiness support services following strict CAMO rules for our company. The presence of the CAMO certificate allows us to assess the aircraft's compliance with the operational requirements of EASA and BCAA and to secure the preparation of the aircraft for operation in accordance with the requirements of EASA and the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority.

What does САМО include?

Our employees provide support to aircraft owners, which is necessary for the safe operation of aircraft. Strict adherence to CAMO is a mandatory requirement for all aircraft that are located within the EASA countries. We monitor the aircraft's technical performance, maintain documentation, and regularly check compliance with the airworthiness standards.

Our specialists will strictly monitor the technical condition of the aircraft and will promptly give instructions, the observance of which will be necessary for obtainment or renewal of the CAMO certificate.

As a result, flights become completely safe for passengers and pilots. We provide a full range of CAMO services, which include:

  • Conducting preliminary audits for aircraft airworthiness compliance with the CAMO Standards.
  • Aircraft pre-purchase review (records and physical review).
  • Providing CAMO services for the airlines and aircraft lessors. Carrying out maintenance long and short-term planning, AD&SB evaluation, Aircraft Maintenance Program Preparation, Reliability Report Development, Troubleshooting Guidance for Maintenance, Communication with Type Certificate Holder.
  • Continuous Airworthiness System update and aircraft continuous airworthiness data migration from current in-use system to desired.
  • Airworthiness Review (EASA & Bermuda)
    • Embraer 135/145 (Legacy 600/650)
    • Bombardier CL600-2B19 (CRJ100/200 Series, Challenger 850)

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Airline Support Baltic - an experienced service provider for Continued Airworthiness

Our company has extensive experience; therefore, it provides comprehensive programs for maintaining and managing aircraft's continued airworthiness. We have all the necessary certificates for the conduct of activities, which you can find on our website.

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