Aircraft On Ground Technical Support

Airline Support Baltic provides Aircraft On Ground services when air transport cannot be used for one reason or another. We provide full-fledged ground handling of aircraft to restore the functionality of the aircraft as soon as possible. Our specialists are ready to come to the specified site without delay in order to perform a quick inspection and repair of the aircraft.

AOG in aviation is one of the most demanded services. An unexpected aircraft breakdown can happen at any time. It is vital to react promptly to return the transport vehicle to service quickly. Our team of specialists is ready to go to the specified location as soon as possible to conduct an inspection and provide the best solution.

An unexpected aircraft breakdown leads to significant losses for airlines and is associated with high costs. However, timely planning of aircraft maintenance eliminates such risks.

The first step in an aircraft breakdown is to determine the cause of the problem and the extent of the damage. We will select the optimal solution depending on the complexity of the repair, will secure prompt delivery of the required spare parts within Europe, and help optimize the costs of urgent aircraft repair.

If a specific part needs to be replaced to restore the functionality of an aircraft, then AOG spare parts supply is a quick and effective solution to the problem.

AOG support allows returning the aircraft to service in the shortest possible time with minimal costs, reducing the aircraft's downtime. We select an individual approach to each customer and ensure the result.

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