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Engine maintenance and overhaul
by Airline Support Baltic

Engine maintenance and overhaul

Airline Support Baltic offering complete engine overhaul and various works on engine, including performance restoration, replacement of lifelimited parts (LLP), and inspection and maintenance of subassemblies. Engine shop specialists have world class experience and deep knowledge, and technical aptitude necessary for CF-34 engine. The benefits of ASB repaired engines are evidenced by reliability, dependability and consistency.

Our customers know from experience that the cheapest engine is not the one that is overhauled or repaired for the least money, but the one that provides the lowest cost per flying hour.

Capability list part-145 fap-285
Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (GE CF34) (CRJ-100/200 and Challenger-850) Line & Base Maintenance
Bombardier BD-700 Series (GLOBAL) Line Maintenance
Embraer EMB-135/145 Line & Base Maintenance
Boeing737-300/400/500 (CFM 56) Line & Base Maintenance
Airbus A319/320/321 Line & Base Maintenance
BAe 125 Series 700/800 (Honeywell TFE731) Line a Base Maintenance
BAe 125 Series 750/800XP/850XP/900XP (Honeywell TFE731)
Line & Base Maintenance
BAe 125 Series 1000 (PWC PW305) Line & Base Maintenance
Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (variant CL 604) (GE CF34) Line & Base Maintenance
Bombardier CL-600-2A12/-2B16 (variant CL 601/601-3A/3R) (GE CF34) Line & Base Maintenance
B1 Rating Engine GE CF34-3 Full disassembly/ assembly, inspections, modular repairs

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