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Application Form for a Vacancy
"Flight Support" Branch of SIA "Airline Support Baltic"

Application Form for a Vacancy in “Flight Support” CAMO

If You would like to join the Flight Support team, please fill out the Application Form below.

  • The provided information must be accurate and unambiguous;
  • Failure to complete this Application Form correctly and in full may lead to your application not being processed.

1. Personal details

Driving Licence

Health Information:

Are you aware of any previous accident or existing disability which would restrict your ability to perform the duties of desired position?

You may attach Your photo here

2. Preferred work schedule
3. Education/Skills
College/University etc. Qualification and Grade Date Obtained
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Trainings and Skills
Training Course Course Details (including length of course/nature of training)
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Current Membership of any professional Community/Organization
4. Employment History

Please include any previous experience, starting with the most recent first.

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5. Information in support of Your application
6. Convictions

A criminal record will be taken into account, but will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position.

7. Declaration

If this declaration is denied, your application will not be considered.

I agree that Employer (Flight Support) can create and maintain computer and paper records of my personal data and that this will be processed and stored in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation

I confirm that all the information given by me on this form is correct and accurate and I understand that if any of the information I have provided is later found to be false or misleading, any offer of employment may be withdrawn or employment terminated.

Сообщение успешно отправлено.
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